Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Jewish Dilemma

There is a short editorial in the Wall Street Journal about congressional liberal David Obey who wants to propose an Afghan War surtax as a means of funding the conflict.  On the face of it, paying for the war rather than deficit spending to fund it is a better option.  I'm sure that conservatives in favor of the war would prefer to get the money from another program to keep it budget neutral rather than raise taxes, but that's just a bit of nuance these days.  However, this does pose a problem for Republicans.  Most want to prosecute the war with vigor, but will they raise taxes to do it?  That's obviously contrary to their instincts.  I'm sure that's why Mr.Obey is suggesting it; to put the Republicans in an uncomfortable box.  Kind of like Charlie Rangel proposing a draft a few years ago to try to damp down America's appetite for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I look for the administration to pick up on Obey's proposal.  Maybe as part of Obama's speech to the nation on 1 December to discuss his decision regarding troop requests.  What better way for Obama to weasel out of his commitment to fight the "necessary war" than to responsibly offer to pay for it.  Typical passive aggressive behavior.  "What's that America?  You don't want your taxes raised?  OK, well never mind.  I was willing to fight this war, but if you aren't in favor of that, I'll bow to the will of the people," our Dear Leader will say.  Poor Republicans will be in a bit of a pickle.  Reminds me of the old joke about the Jewish dilemma:  Free ham.