Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Message from the Libertarian and Green Party Candidates for Governor

The Green Party and the Libertarian Party have some significant policy differences.  If you support one party, you're likely to have some major problems with the goals of the other party.  But there is at least one issue on which there is no daylight between us.  We both believe that the so called "two party system" has poisoned the American political landscape and has put the future of this country in jeopardy.

A quick look at the numbers suggests that a lot of Delawareans agree with us.  Of all registered voters in Delaware today, 24% are registered as Other than Republican or Democrat.  Roughly 9% of those eligible haven't even registered to vote.   And in 2008, the last "most important election of our lifetime," 31% of those who were registered to vote, didn't bother to actually show up at the polls.  We suspect that the limited choices available simply failed to inspire these non participants in the two party charade.

We think it's time to change all this, and we have a plan.  If you agree with us that two parties isn't enough; if you agree with us that more choices are better than fewer choices; vote Green Party or Libertarian Party for governor this year.  We don't care which.  (Well, individually, we do, but collectively, we don't!)

Are you worried about wasting your vote?  Don't be.  Delaware is the bluest of blue states.  Democrats enjoy huge advantages in money, organization, and voter registration.  That, in addition to his personal popularity, will guarantee Jack Markel another term as Governor of Delaware.  We know that.  You should too.  So, whether you like that outcome or not, we should all realize that this certainty presents an opportunity.  A third party vote this year won't change the outcome of the election, but it might help change the perception of the viability of third parties.    If you agree with us that the two party system is broken, then the only way to NOT waste your vote is to vote Green Party or Libertarian Party for governor this year.  It will cost you nothing, and you might just be striking a blow for a sounder, more balanced, and more civil political system.

And oh, by the way, the same goes for the presidential election.  Delaware's Democratic advantage extends to the presidential race as well.  His prospects outside the state may be less certain but, love him or hate him, Barack Obama will walk away with all three of Delaware's Electoral College votes this year.  Take a look at Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson.  They're both on the Delaware ballot this year as well.  They debated last week in Chicago, and they will be participating in one final debate on Monday, 5 November, election eve, at 9pm in Washington DC.  You can watch live at and other venues.

Jess McVay, Candidate for Governor, Libertarian Party
Mark Perri, Candidate for Governor, Green Party

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If I Was Hillary, I'd Be Pissed!

Imagine how angry Hillary must be to have been thrown under the bus on the whole Libyan Consulate security issue. Imagine how it must chafe her to be asked to carry the water for the administration and to accept responsibility for President Obama on a major issue like this just because Joe Biden was such a weasel at the debate and couldn't own up to a mistake. Imagine how many of Hillary's supporters will share her dismay with a president who they see as basically inept and inferior to Hillary in just about every way. Imagine a sizable number of those disaffected voters abandoning the president on November 6.

I can see this happening. Now, can you imagine those same Democrat voters choosing Mitt Romney instead of the president? Me neither. But they might choose Gary Johnson. LIVE FREE