Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Is Q Anon an Elaborate Psy Op?


Robert Barnes has a theory that Q Anon is a psy-op. A psychological operation developed by somebody to defeat Trump. They promoted a series of false narratives designed to reassure Trump supporters that they were winning, and that all they needed to do was "trust the plan". Every time a prediction failed to come true, they'd come up with a new narrative to explain how it was all still a part of some grand strategy. Like the series of trenches during WW I into which you could retreat when the first one was overrun. Trump would declassify documents, and we'd all live happily ever after. Then the declassified stuff was filled with redactions so you were no wiser than you were before the release. Then Bill Barr got appointed Attorney General and John Durham was on the case. Everyone was waiting for a blockbuster release of information just before the election. We know how that turned out. Thanks for nothing Messrs. Barr and Durham. Trump is luring them into a false sense of security so he can draw out the culprits, some said. He's about to drop the hammer. Every failure was explained by a new promise of victory to come if you just trusted the plan. Like James Lileks over at Ricochet said, it's just like those doomsday cultists who revise the date that the world will end each time a deadline comes and goes and the birds are still singing. If we'd known Durham would turn out to be a dud, would we have expended as little more effort in get out the vote, or countering some of the Democratic lawfare that contributed to gutting mail in ballot security?

Eventually those who were the most committed to trust in the plan put the final nail in the coffin of Trump's struggle to expose the problems with this election. They committed violence at the Capitol. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will listen to the evidence of election irregularities now. The MSM got just what they needed to finally vanquish Donald Trump. So now we get a 24/7 campaign by Democrats, big tech and the press to demonize anybody who supported the president, and they'll push it as far as they can. Winning isn't enough. They want us defeated, demoralized, and silent. Silent by disappointment , silent due to fear of labeling, or silent by force if necessary. Hence the attack on social media. If the masters of psychological operations wrote books about their craft, this one would be a best seller. Trump supporters were lulled into a false sense of security and then tricked into becoming the agents of their own destruction. My guess is that 99% of Q folks probably aren't even in on the con. They're just dupes. The journalists and bloggers who claimed that Trump was playing 3-D chess probably believed it. They weren't stupid. They were naive. Sidney Powell isn't stupid. She was powned (Urban Dictionary: Purely Owned). General McInerney with his stories about Hammer and Scorecard? Probably the same.

So what happens now? Well for starters, anybody with any sense has to disown Q Anon. It's like Buckley purging the John Birchers from the conservative movement in the 50's. I'm sympathetic to the Q folks because I think most of them meant well, but they acted stupidly, and they tainted everything that the populist conservative movement led by Donald Trump really stands for. We all need political allies in order for our ideas to prevail, but there is a limit to how far I will stretch the range of acceptability just to build a bigger coalition. There's no room for bigots and there is no room for Q. And I'm not implying the two are synonymous, but there might be some overlap.

What do these conspirators, whoever they are, do now. Well ideally, they just disappear and cover their tracks. The win would be less decisive if people discovered the truth. No one is in quite as much awe of the magician once they see how the illusion was performed. But the cat is out of the bag. Folks are already whispering about psy-ops. Well, the playbook says discredit those people. Paint them as crazy. Paint them as fringe. If that fails, frame them for sexual misconduct (Scott Ritter). If that fails maybe even kill them (Michael Hastings). Robert Barnes: I love you man. Please behave yourself, and please, please "Be careful out there!" (First TV reference--Hill Street Blues)


Saturday, January 9, 2021




 The previously clandestine and now quite overt censoring of conservative voices on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Platforms has now reached dangerous levels. This is not just about Trump. Social media is critical to modern political discourse. The censorship must be resisted. That means targeting profitability, and that means boycotts. But I won't cut off my nose to spite my face. I will continue to use these platforms in the short term while taking the following measures to abandon them as soon as it is practical. 


1. To the greatest extent possible, I will try to post nearly exclusively on Parler and MeWe 

2. I will post on Twitter and Facebook only links to those Parler and MeWe posts 

3. You are not forced to join those sites to view my posts, but I hope once you are on the sites reading my stuff, you will take the opportunity to join those communities. Please join/follow/friend me when you get there. 

4. Eventually, once those alternative communities have reached the critical mass needed to function as effectively as Twitter and Facebook once did, I will abandon those legacy services entirely. Ironically, with their recent actions, those legacy companies may have accelerated the realization of that network effect functionality. 


In the mean time, here is what else I am doing: 

To the extent possible, I am viewing my favorite video podcasts on Rumble instead of YouTube. They don't censor political speech and their terms are financially much more appealing for content creators. Also, they have plans to incorporate live streaming in the new year. 

I have abandoned Google as my search engine on all platforms. I use Duck Duck Go 

I am researching my options for switching email providers to jettison G-Mail. Looking at Protonmail which offers end to end encryption. They don't mine your emails for data about you to sell. Even if privacy isn't your primary concern, you'll be incrementally robbing Google of a source of revenue. 


I'm @Exaeroman at Parler 

I'm Jesse McVay at MeWe 





Feel free to visit me on Parler or MeWe and comment if you have other suggestions for alternative social media platforms. 

If you agree with this approach to taking back Social Media Freedom, please share and ReTweet (Echo) this post.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

It's a Two Front War Now and the Republican Party Must Be Defeated First


What happened at the Capitol yesterday was a spontaneous act of civil disobedience by a group of exuberant and frankly reckless Trump supporters. Nothing more. The MSM has seized upon the event to perpetuate their false narrative that Trump is an existential threat.

Some are buying that story including many Republican lawmakers. Jan 6 never had a very good chance of flipping a result. It was meant to (1)provide a forum to present evidence and (2)force Republicans to declare a position: Accept the fraud or fight the fraud.

Many fair weather Republicans are showing their true colors now and abandoning Trump. If the populist anti administrative state movement that Trump started is to survive, every one of those "summer soldier" Republicans needs to be primaried and defeated next time.

That needs to happen whether Trump continues to lead the movement or not. The Catch 22 is that even though Trump is a lightening rod for all the disinformation the MSM will spread about him, he's probably the only one with the charisma to keep the movement intact. That means the struggle will be costly. Republicans will lose elections to Democrats initially because of the divisiveness it will entail. The old Republican Party won't quit without a fight, and they'll resort to the same goto move they use against third parties: Vote for us. You may not like us but the other choice is too risky and it's us or the evil Democrats. And that could work. If Trump populism is to take over the Republican Party, that party will need to be chipped away at piece by piece. That party needs to be battered to within inches of its life before it will concede, and that likely means some elections won by Democrats in the interim.

Are you up for that kind of fight? If not, then you might as well crawl back to Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham right now and beg for forgiveness and plead with them to take you back. Donald Trump, for all his flaws, started something very important for our country. The Republican Party, as it is presently constituted, wants to see Trumpism vanish from American politics. I hope we don't let that happen.


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Trump Should Threaten to Support Loeffler and Dump Perdue


Trump may yet win this election. Or he may not. I believe that if he loses, there is solid evidence it will be as the result of fraud. But that’s not directly relevant to what I want to discuss in this post. Regardless of the outcome for Trump, I think it can be generally agreed that Trump grew the Republican coalition over the last four years. It can be further agreed that the massive turnout for Republicans this year was a direct result of Trump bringing out huge numbers of voters, many of whom wouldn’t have bothered if Trump had not been on the ballot. As a result of that enthusiasm directly attributable to Donald Trump, the Republicans gained seats in the House that they were expecting to lose, they held the Senate (so far), and they improved their standing in Governorships and State Houses across the country. The Republican Party owes Trump a huge debt of gratitude. But are they bothering to actually express any of that gratitude? I would argue that they are publicly paying lip service to Trump while privately expressing relief that he may soon be out of their hair. And that’s why they are barely bothering to lift a finger to help “stop the steal.” I’d like to see Trump dish out some punishment to these Republican swamp types along the lines of what he’s done to Democrats over the past four years. It’s time for Trump to play hardball, and I think he should throw his first pitch in Georgia.

I guess I should warn you that I’m speaking from the perspective of a conservative who is disgusted with the Republican Party and who wants Trump to be the agent of change that the Party needs. Trump is the guy who is transforming the Republicans (gutting them would be a more descriptive term) from just another party of the swamp into an America first, economic/nationalist populist party of the middle class. He’s created a new coalition with working class voters, conservative minority voters, voters wanting less foreign intervention, and socially more liberal voters who previously thought their only option was to vote for Team Blue, but who are now disillusioned with the progressive, intersectional elements that are pushing the Democratic Party off of a cliff.
The Senate is now 50 to 48. The two Georgia Senate seats are critical for Republicans if they want to keep the Senate out of Democratic hands. A 50/50 Senate with Kamala Harris as a tie breaker is a horrible vision of our dystopian future if Republicans lose those two seats. The prospect of a Democratic House, an (essentially) Democratic Senate, and a Democratic president is just too terrible to contemplate, though, to be honest, we need to start contemplating it pretty soon, because it is certainly possible if not likely. So Republicans really need to do all they can to support wins for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. But for people like me, the prospect of supporting the likes of Perdue and Loeffler is unappetizing to say the least. They are both swamp Republicans and they, along with most of the Republican elites, are offering Trump no help in turning back the steal in Georgia. In an ideal world, they would both lose as a result, and under ordinary circumstances, I’d be quite happy to see them go. But not now. Not this year. There’s too much at stake. Just like FDR had to ally with Stalin to beat Hitler, we must now hold our noses and ally with Purdue and Loeffler to defeat the prospect of a Democratic majority in the Senate. 
Or maybe we don’t. 
Maybe we don’t have to completely capitulate to the swamp. Trump still has some cards to play. Whether conventional Republicans like it or not, Donald Trump has leverage. Win or lose, Donald Trump IS the Republican Party, and he can demand conditions. And if Republicans don’t accommodate him, Trump is in a position to demonstrate just what a powerful force he can be going forward, and he can start in Georgia.
Look at the current situation in Georgia. More specifically look at the numbers from the November Senate races:  (Click to Enlarge)

If I was a Republican candidate for the US Senate in Georgia, I don’t think I would feel too confident about the January election based on these numbers. Especially if my name was David Perdue. Perdue led Jon Ossoff by only 1.8% or a mere 88,098 votes. The Libertarian candidate got 2.2% of the vote or 106,767 votes. The Libertarian covered the spread between the two majority candidates. That almost never happens. The disposition of his votes in the runoff will determine who wins in January. I spent 10 years as a Libertarian, and believe me when I tell you, if you’re a Republican and your political future rests on the electoral decisions of a bunch of Libertarians, you are in big trouble. And if your Republican vote turnout depends on the coattails of the most popular Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan, and that candidate isn’t on the ballot in January, YOU’RE SCREWED!!
Loeffler’s prospects aren’t much better. Even if you add all of Doug Collins’ votes to hers, that only puts her at 45.9%, and a lot of the also rans in that race were Democrats whose votes can be presumed to go to Loeffler’s Democratic challenger in the runoff. I’m sure Loeffler and Perdue will both be the beneficiaries of huge amounts of campaign money, but so will the Democratic candidates. And Democratic enthusiasm will be off the charts at the prospect of taking back the Senate. Republican enthusiasm? Well that depends. With the support of Donald Trump, the Republicans might have a chance. Without that support, Republicans are toast; especially if they have not taken any measures to eliminate the factors that contributed to the voter fraud that lost Trump the race in November. Factors such as huge numbers of mail in ballots most of which were processed without signature checks. Factors such as large numbers of those mail in registrants having P.O Boxes or mail drops listed as their physical address which directly contradicts the law. If large numbers of those illegally registered voters had voted in person, one might presume that they were innocent mistakes. The fact that they overwhelmingly voted by mail means the chances are pretty good that most of those ballots were fraudulent. I’m going to take the liberty of putting those votes in the Democratic column in January if the voter rolls are not purged beforehand, and that means goodby Republican Senate. 
So what can be done? What does Trump want? What should he demand? Well first of all, he must demand that the purging of illegal registrations from the voter rolls be done sooner rather than later, and the data confirmed from that purge be used to argue that the November race was tainted. That should be used as grounds to compel Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Raffensburger to not certify the election results. Failing that, it should be used as grounds for a lawsuit contesting the consent decree entered into by Raffensburger that established the practice of foregoing signature checks. He had no authority to do that without the state legislature prescribing that in law. And failing that, the Republican state legislature in Georgia should put forward an alternate slate of electors to the Electoral College and let Congress sort it out.
For the life of me, I can’t understand why the officials in Georgia are not willing to do this without being threatened. One suggestion is that if a remedial signature match was to be performed properly, the Governor and Secretary of State would be exposed as having been incompetent or worse, complicit in fraud. Regardless, the prospect of winning or losing two Senate seats rests in the balance. Does the swamp hate Trump so much that they are willing to pay that price?
If Trump gets cooperation, he should do everything in his power to campaign in favor of the two Republican Senate candidates. If not, he should instruct his followers to stay home. Let’s see how the Republican Party will fare in two years with Trump every bit as adversarial to the Republican Party as it has been to him. I suspect that Trump won’t have to do this. The threat of his withdrawing his support should be enough.
Or how about this? Trump threatens the Republican Party with picking one Senator to support and one Senator to abandon? If the Senator he supports wins, that preserves the Senate majority for the Republicans (just barely) while still sending a powerful message to the party hierarchy. Don’t take Trump for granted. I suggest Trump supports Loeffler and abandons Perdue. Loeffler’s candidacy is to complete the term of Senator Johnny Isaakson who retired prematurely for medical reasons at the end of 2019. Loeffler was appointed to the seat and is now running to complete the rest of Isaakson’s term which will expire in 2022, just two years from now. If Trump is forced out due to Republicans’ unwillingness to fight for him, there’s a good chance he will spend the next two years building his political movement, and the #1 item on his agenda should be to primary Loeffler, say by supporting another run by Trump loyalist Doug Collins. I’d be willing to bet that two years of Trump railing against the Party for having betrayed him would do wonders for Collins’ chances the second time around. And I bet that Trump would be more successful in reshaping the Republican Party while out of office than he would be if elected now for four more years. 
I may be wrong about Trump’s influence, and I may be underestimating the risks of such a strategy, but if the prize is a reconstituted and realigned Party instead of just the same old Lesser of Two Evils Republicans, then I’d sure like to see Trump attempt it.