Thursday, January 7, 2021

It's a Two Front War Now and the Republican Party Must Be Defeated First


What happened at the Capitol yesterday was a spontaneous act of civil disobedience by a group of exuberant and frankly reckless Trump supporters. Nothing more. The MSM has seized upon the event to perpetuate their false narrative that Trump is an existential threat.

Some are buying that story including many Republican lawmakers. Jan 6 never had a very good chance of flipping a result. It was meant to (1)provide a forum to present evidence and (2)force Republicans to declare a position: Accept the fraud or fight the fraud.

Many fair weather Republicans are showing their true colors now and abandoning Trump. If the populist anti administrative state movement that Trump started is to survive, every one of those "summer soldier" Republicans needs to be primaried and defeated next time.

That needs to happen whether Trump continues to lead the movement or not. The Catch 22 is that even though Trump is a lightening rod for all the disinformation the MSM will spread about him, he's probably the only one with the charisma to keep the movement intact. That means the struggle will be costly. Republicans will lose elections to Democrats initially because of the divisiveness it will entail. The old Republican Party won't quit without a fight, and they'll resort to the same goto move they use against third parties: Vote for us. You may not like us but the other choice is too risky and it's us or the evil Democrats. And that could work. If Trump populism is to take over the Republican Party, that party will need to be chipped away at piece by piece. That party needs to be battered to within inches of its life before it will concede, and that likely means some elections won by Democrats in the interim.

Are you up for that kind of fight? If not, then you might as well crawl back to Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham right now and beg for forgiveness and plead with them to take you back. Donald Trump, for all his flaws, started something very important for our country. The Republican Party, as it is presently constituted, wants to see Trumpism vanish from American politics. I hope we don't let that happen.