Friday, November 13, 2020

Bibliography Voting Machine Vulnerability/Fraud


Post election Video Presentation by Russell Ramsland of Allied Security Operations Group explaining how voting machines are not air gapped and how vote switching can occur.  Never mentions Hammer and Scorecard, but if they were real, this might be what they would look like in real time.  

More Russell Ramsland this time with Debbie Georgatos on 28 October, 2020

EVEREST: Evaluation and Validation of Election-Related Equipment, Standards and Testing∗†Final Report  December 7, 2007  This one is older, but from what I gather kind of the gold standard in vulnerability analysis.  It's long though.  334 pages


How to Rig an Election   The G.O.P. aims to paint the country red

By    Nov 2012

How Trustworthy Are Electronic Voting Systems in the US? By Beth Clarkson  June 26,2015


Vote Counts and Polls: An Insidious Feedback Loop

Black box voting (Wikipedia)


Post-Election Audits: Restoring Trust in Elections

Aug 1, 2007  Lawrence Norden  90 Pg Downloadable Report

 Republican Primary Election 2012 Results: Amazing Statistical AnomaliesFrancois Choquette, James Johnson August 13, 2012 


A Retired NSA Analyst Proves the GOP Is Stealing Elections


Was Election Fraud Predicted for 2012?


January 2014The American Voting Experience:Report and Recommendations of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration 

What Went Wrong In Ohio: The Conyers Report on the 2004 Presidential Election Paperback – August 30, 2005