Monday, April 22, 2019

Trump Should Insulate Himself from Accusations of Hypocrisy in 2020 by Admitting the Russians Were Trying to Help Him in 2016

Still reading the Mueller Report. Now on Volume II. Mueller repeatedly documents, by means of testimony from multiple Trump aides, that Trump was unwilling to acknowledge that the actions of the Russians had a goal of favoring Trump. He saw it as a means of his opposition trying to delegitimize his win. For what it's worth, the DNC hack and the release of those emails was to help Bernie against Hillary. Nothing to do with Trump.

I think Trump's narcissism will come back to bite him in 2020. As Marco Rubio predicted, the next time the Russians interfere, it might not be to favor a candidate you like.

In 2016, the Russians preferred a Russia friendly Trump compared to a hard line Hillary. What if in 2020, the Russians have grown tired of Trump as he has followed a fairly hardline toward Russia and their interests despite his rhetoric against NATO and our own Intel Community. What if the Russians now prefer a Russia friendly Tulsi Gabbard or any of the uber progressive Democrats who can be counted on to favor domestic spending at the expense of defense spending? Who do you think the Russians will be rooting for then?

Trump and Trump supporters would be well advised to acknowledge that the Russians had a favorite in 2016 even if it hurts Trumps pride to say so. It might insulate Trump from some calls of hypocrisy in 2020 when he has to call out Russian support for his Democratic opponent.


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