Sunday, March 31, 2019

Democrats are Trying to Kavanaugh Joe Biden

If you thought Kavanaugh got screwed, you should be defending Joe Biden now or else you're part of the problem.

Politicians have got to be among the most despicable people on the face of the earth.  Certainly US politicians at the national level anyway.  I vacillate back and forth as to why I think that.  Is it because they are such liars, or is it because they are such hypocrites?  Today I'm going with hypocrites.  I'll probably switch back to liars the next time I see Adam Schiff on television (or maybe Donald Trump).

So last week, this woman I'd never heard of named Lucy Flores came out to accuse Joe Biden of sexual harassment because, while appearing on her behalf in support of her candidacy for Nevada Attorney General in 2014, he allegedly placed his hands on her shoulders, smelled her hair and kissed the back of her head.  I know!  Creepy right?  But wait just a second.  Joe Biden has a reputation for being what most would consider overly familiar with women.  This criticism of Uncle Joe has always been more of a light-hearted joke than a serious accusation of bad intent.  I think that's where it should remain.  Rich Lowry made the point this morning on CBS Face the Nation that Biden's was the kind of behavior that in today's corporate world, would get most folks referred to HR for counseling.  But does anybody really think Joe Biden is some sort of sexual predator ala Harvey Weinstein?  I don't.

I've seen all the photos and all the videos.  You know why I've seen them?  Because all this stuff happened in plain sight.  If you try and tell me that's what makes his brand of sexual harassment all the more sinister, then I'm gonna tell you you're delusional.  I'll admit that Biden's cavalier attitude toward other people's personal space is probably on the far side of the Bell Curve, but it's  more of a two to three sigma position.  Not a six sigma, stay 500 yards away from a school, sort of position. Apparently, he's that way with all the genders; not just women.  

 Remember this picture?  Are you going to try and tell me Joe Biden is a closet homosexual who comes on to strange men while seated in the front row of public events?  Get serious!  I think there is something much more nefarious at work here.

I don't know what Lucy Flores' political preference is in the upcoming 2020 Democratic presidential primaries, but I do know that she was a Bernie supporter in 2016.  Biden is the current frontrunner in the Democratic race for 2020, even though he has yet to announce he's in.  It's not too much of a stretch to view this as nothing more than a cynical attempt by the progressive left to kneecap Joe before he even properly enters the race.  We've seen these tactics before.  Democrats, especially the newer progressive version of the species, are certainly not above encouraging the latest wannabe "Me Too" star to level a reckless accusation or two against a political opponent.  Scruples, integrity, or a sense of fairness certainly won't stand in their way.  We witnessed that firsthand during the Kavanaugh hearings.

It's bad enough that the Democrats have decided to do this to one of their own, but I'm a little disappointed by the Republicans' reaction.  Kellyanne Conway was on FoxNews Sunday this morning and apparently, the White House approach to this is to pile on.  After Kavanaugh, I expected better from Republicans.  I guess I'm naive.  I agree with Lily Tomlin on her assessment of the political class.  No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.

Naive I might be, but I'm not a simpleton.  I do see what's going on here.  The White House has betrayed itself.  Joe Biden may face a devil of a challenge overcoming  the intersectionality of the modern Democratic Party in their search for the perfect "woke" candidate in 2020.  But if he can clear that bar, he's got the best chance of any of them to beat Trump, and Trump knows it.

Is Joe Biden's apparent handsiness with women a little unusual?  Yeah!  Sure it is.  But is it properly the fodder of a political character assassination.  No it is not.  It wasn't during the last Supreme Court nomination hearings, and it isn't now.  I guess I should expect this sort of hypocrisy from politicians, but I won't buy into it.  I'm not a politician.  And by the way, neither are you, so what's your excuse?