Monday, September 24, 2018

Next Step

It was late last night when I saw the headlines about the new allegations. My task this morning is to dig in a little further and see what they amount to. But here is my first impression about the way forward. Keep the schedule for the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing on Thursday. Dems will push for more concessions and insist that more witnesses be called, and may even surface some new allegations. If the list of witnesses is allowed to expand at all, that list will continue to grow as new charges are leveled.  It's important from a point of consistency that Grassley holds the line on just Kavanaugh and Ford lest this become more of a circus than it already is. I think it is important to force Dr Ford to testify. If she backs out, as I expect she may try to do, it is important that it is obvious that the decision was hers. The opportunity was there. If she chooses to refuse, it's important that it be obvious to reasonable people that her excuse is a lame one. 

Kavanaugh should testify anyway and state his case. He should be prepared to be humiliated. He can turn that to his advantage. He should have certain boundaries in his mind as to what he will refuse to answer on the grounds that it is too personal and of no value to the committee. And he should be prepared to be politely belligerent to hostile questioners. He's not going to get a single Democratic vote anyway, and Red Americas wants to see Kavanaugh punch back. The Democrats' strategy was to make Ford look sympathetic before hostile Republican men. Grassley and Kavanaugh can turn the tables on them. Kavanaugh needs to project strength and confidence. He needs to be honest, but stand up for himself when questions are obviously fishing for embarrassing details of his life. He should rely on the answer that he is there to respond to Dr Ford's allegations and everything else is off limits. It should be confrontational with the likes of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker and such. Kavanaugh can't be a pussy. When it is over, the women in America should want him and men should want to be him. Hard core lefties will never stop with the allegations. No sense trying to please them. It's us against them. Once it is over, if the Republicans have the votes, they should press forward and hold the vote over all objections. That's what having the majority is all about. It's time to break some eggs and get this omelet made. 

If they don't have the votes, then defecting Senators need to be relentlessly pursued out of office. If Collins and Murkowski can't see through the drive by mugging being perpetrated against Brett Kavanaugh, then they need a withdrawal of Republican funding and primary challengers at their next election!