Monday, December 12, 2016

Cui Bono?

Cui bono?

For whose benefit?

Seeing lots of memes this morning ridiculing the CIA finding that the Russians hacked computer systems and provided information to promote the election of Donald Trump (or maybe to damage the more likely election of president Clinton). These memes are ridiculing the finding as if it is silly and not credible.

I don't know if it is fact, but it is certainly credible. The CIA hasn't released details to the public in order, they claim, to protect methods etc. Apparently some in Congress have seen more details. Even if the CIA findings are correct, that doesn't mean that Trump was involved, or that Trump might not have won anyway.

Trump vigorously denies it happened even to the point of dredging up reminders of the intelligence community's errors about WMD in the run up to the Iraq War. Trump sycophants claim it's an attempt to delegitimize president Trump. No doubt some Trump haters will latch onto that and try to press that narrative.

This is the first major example that I can think of post election of Trump telling a Big Lie, and Trump loyalists accepting it without question. There were lots of Big Lies before the election. Not only are Trump supporters accepting it, they're going to war with anyone who suggests it could be a valid concern. First example, but probably not the last. This reminds me why I didn't vote for Trump, and why we should be concerned about his leadership.

Don't believe it was the Russians? Fine. Want proof instead of empty accusations? Good idea. But claim it is not a credible finding? Denial. Use ridicule instead of reason to support your opinion? Inexcusable.

Congressional Democrats, the president, and some Republicans want an investigation into computer hacking with the purpose of influencing elections. That may be for show. A political exercise. A lengthy Congressional investigation might not tell us any more than the intelligence community already claims to know. And the findings won't be regarded through any less of a partisan lens than they are now. But to deny that the Russians attempting to influence our elections is even possible is a stupid response and dangerous to our democracy. Ironically, the CIA itself has a reputation all over the world for doing just that in other counties, even in Russia.

Trump claimed we'd see a different President Trump from Candidate Trump. I don't believe that.