Monday, August 26, 2013

Once You've Lost Trust...

Assad says his forces did not use chemical weapons. My government says he did. I don't trust Assad. But then, I don't trust my government either. to proceed. One thing for sure. This is not justification for President Obama or Secretary of State Kerry to take my country to war...again. The phrase "false flag" gets overused, but if there was ever a situation when one should suspect the possibility of a false flag, this it.

Also, over 100,000 dead from conventional weapons in two years, but suddenly I'm supposed to be outraged by several hundred more from chemical weapons? And outraged to the point of urging my government to commit to a policy which is likely to produce another 100,000 dead in a fraction of the time? And I don't even know which side used the chemicals? This whole thing stinks. We're being sold a big lie.

My government is a lot of things. Trusted is not one of them.