Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Realistic View of What Constitutes a Win for Liberty

Here's my wish list for the election results. A wish list tempered with realism.

Romney wins. I think the odds are against him, but he might pull it off.   Gary Johnson exceeds 5% of the popular vote, and thereby qualifies for Federal Matching Funds.  (I'll be voting for Gary.  You should too.  Especially if you're in a non-swing state like Delaware.)  Johnson returns in four years, stronger, better known, and better funded, and we do it all over again.  Johnson and/or Stein get enough votes to "spoil" a possible victory for Obama in at least one state, and Johnson and/or Stein get enough votes to "spoil" a possible victory for Romney in at least one state.  Both major parties need to be looking over their shoulders.  Alternative parties matter.  We want them to respect us.  We want them to fear us.

Libertarians spend the next four years comparing every big government, pro war policy that Romney enacts to those that Obama supported.   We spend the next four years demanding to know why Republicans aren't as critical of Romney for the same policies they crucified Obama for. 

Alex Pires and Andy Groff pull enough votes from Tom Carper that he loses to Kevin Wade.  It's not a perfect result, but I could live with it.  Scott Gesty and Bernie August pull enough votes from John Carney to at least make a race out of it and make John Carney sweat a little bit on election night.  A big enough vote total for Scott to shove up Ralph Begleiter's ass in two years when UDel's Center for Political Communication announces debate participant rules would be a joyous result in its own right.

In my own 16th State Senate District, I hope Mike Tedesco returns Colin Bonini back to the private sector after being on the state payroll for 18 years, the last several years of which he's pretty much been a ROADie (Retired On Active Duty.)  It's Mike the Independent against Colin the Republican.  There is no Democrat in the race.  Colin gets poor marks from all sides for lousy constituent service and just general laziness.  Tedesco's been campaigning hard with no money.  Lots of door to door and home made signs.  He's Delaware's Rocky to Colin's Apollo Creed.  With enough Democratic and Independent support, Mike could pull it off.

In my own 32nd Representative District, I honestly don't care.  Paleo-Conservative Ellis Parrott against Big Government/Big Union Liberal Andria Bennett.  I wish they could both lose.  I will write in Will McVay.  He's not registered as a write in candidate.  The vote won't get counted for him.  But it just seems like the right thing to do.

I'd love to see Cathy Samardza win the 15th State Senate District.  She's a smart and motivated lady.  She'd make a great legislator.  Thoughtful and willing to do the hard work.  I don't dislike the incumbent Dave Lawson.  He is sincere in his beliefs and engaged with the voters in a way that Bonini hasn't been for years.  But given a choice, I'd vote for Miss Cathy.

I don't know what his chances are, but if there is any justice in the world, Sam Chick would be the next State Representative from the 31st District.  And if not, keep an eye on him for the future.  Smart guy, great resume, devoted to liberty.  He's the most libertarian Republican I know.  He'll continue to have my support no matter what party he belongs to.

Elsewhere throughout the state, I want Libertarians to do well.  Decent numbers, especially for some of the folks I know the best.  Margie McKeown, Wendy  Jones,  Margaret Melson, and Ronnie Fitzgerald.  Wins for David Eisenhour and my wife Mary Pat McVay for Clerks of the Peace in Sussex and Kent Counties respectively would be welcome results and wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility.  And for the dozen or more Libertarians who I didn't mention by name, I wish you good luck and good results. Your efforts are appreciated, and you advance the cause of liberty just by being on the ballot and offering voters a better choice.  Thank you for stepping up.

As for Delaware governor, I guess it's fair to say I have a more personal interest.  My opponents Jack Markell, Jeff Craig, and Mark Perri are all good and honorable men.  At least two of us, and truth be told probably three of us, know we aren't going to be the next governor of the State of Delaware.  We three are carrying the banner for the causes that we believe in because someone should always do that.  I just hope I've been useful to my party, and have done my part to promote liberty in Delaware.  I still hope to win your vote, but I'll be satisfied if I get more votes than the Republican write in candidate, what's his name.  And one way or another, no matter what the outcome, the McVay family will be staying engaged in the years ahead.  We're not giving up on Liberty.  I hope you won't be either.


Scott Gesty said...

Great Read! Good Luck on the 6th!