Sunday, September 9, 2012

Republican Party or Toga Party?

The Kent County GOP issued a press release last week with a last minute endorsement of one of the candidates in the 32nd District  primary.  Kind of late notice for the party to be telling the faithful how they're supposed to vote, don't you think?  The primary is this Tuesday, after all.  The rules of the Delaware GOP require fifteen days written notice to all candidates prior to such an endorsement being made.  No such notice was given, but the Kent GOP found a clever way around that.  Here's a quote from their press release.   “Mr. Parrott and Mr. McVay both appeared before the Executive Committee earlier this year seeking our endorsement." What they got wrong here is that Mr. McVay was seeking their neutrality, not their endorsement.  And that "earlier this year" in this case means the first week of June.  That's over three months ago.  At that time, they decided not to make an endorsement.  They said, "It wouldn't be appropriate."  What's changed?

 I had to laugh when I read the press release.  It reminded me of the movie Animal House.  Maybe back in June, they really did make an endorsement, but it was a "double secret endorsement."  So in this scenario, Mr. McVay is the, shall we say "somewhat unconventional" Delta House, Mr Parrott stands in for the preppie Omegas, and I guess that means the Kent County GOP  is Dean Wormer.  Way to go Kent GOP.  Great way to run a political party guys.  No wonder the Delaware GOP is "circling the drain" to steal a phrase from a popular Libertarian blogger.  Mr. Parrott has taken quite a beating in the media for refusing to debate Mr. McVay because of his Libertarian background.  We happen to think Libertarians make better Republicans than Republicans do.