Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OWS Should Declare Victory and Go Home

OWS got booted from Zuccotti Park this morning.  I think they should declare victory and go home.  Come back every Saturday to keep the message alive if they want to, but go home.  I have some sympathy with their message, though very little for their solutions.  But I have identified with their anger and frustration right from the start. And they certainly have a right to have their voices heard.

I understand Mayor Bloomberg's dilemma. How can you be responsible for the orderly running of a city and allow camping in the streets?  To paraphrase my son  I'm not particularly in favor of zoning laws, but how can you do justice to the people of New York and in particular the businesses in Lower Manhattan if you sanction a large outdoor squatter's camp rife with crime in one of the premier parts of the city? 
Furthermore, to press on with their current strategy is to see the effort wither by attrition and bad weather, and to see further co opting of the Occupy sites by criminals,  political opportunists, and the homeless.  America will turn against them, and that is not in their interest.  Better to take this opportunity to withdraw with honor, their dignity intact.  Mayor Bloomberg is giving them the chance to save face and exit the stage at their zenith. Will they have the sense to seize the opportunity?