Wednesday, July 21, 2010

USAA Joins the Ranks of Large Institutional Disappointments

I just got an email from USAA praising several Senators for their work on the Financial Reform Legislation. Here's a link to their website version. Did they not get suspicious when they saw the name Dodd-Frank on the bill? I sent them a response on their website. If you feel the same way I do about this and you're a USAA member, you might consider an email of your own.

My Response:

Just got an email from you praising several members of the Senate for their great work in passing Financial Reform Legislation. Are you guys kidding? Does this mean that USAA was at the trough with all the rest of the criminal financial institutions with their lobbyists grasping for favors? What did you give up to get some short term sop from the big government Republican and Democrat Kleptocracy? How many pieces of silver did you get for selling us down the river. You should have fought this thing tooth and nail as a matter of principle. How long do you think you'll have before they come after you again.

Last year, I cut up my AARP card over their healthcare sellout. This year I'm getting ready to cut up my NRA card over their sellout over the DISCLOSE Act and the possibility of their endorsing Harry Reid. It seems that one large trusted institution after another is disappointing me lately. Who's next? The Boy Scouts?

If you think I won't change insurance companies because you're military affiliated, think again. Stupid stupid move on your part. Next time you sell out this country, have the sense to keep your big fat mouth shut.

Jesse McVay Lt. Col. USAF Ret.