Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get Active

I spent an hour at Legislative Hall this afternoon. I went to distribute copies of a couple of blog articles that my son Will and I had written in opposition to HB 198, the National Popular Vote bill. The bill passed the house last session and was on the Senate agenda today. Each of Delaware's twenty one state senators got a copy of the articles in an attempt to persuade them to defeat this bill. As it turned out, the bill was moved to tomorrow's agenda, so hopefully there's a chance that my efforts may influence some thinking on the subject.

I was a little bit anxious when I got there.  I definitely felt a little out of my element.  But I remembered something I heard Earnest Hancock say at the Libertarian National Convention this past Memorial Day.  "If your activism doesn't make you at least a little bit nervous, you're not radical enough".  I think Ernie Hancock is a very wise man.  What I did today was pretty tame stuff.  But I feel I pushed my own personal envelope.  And I'm not done pushing yet!

Last year, I would have sat at home frustrated that my government ignored me, and I would have been resigned to accepting anything they threw my way.  Not any more.  Thank you Ernest Hancock.  And thank you, Russ Murphy and the 912 Delaware Patriots for setting the example, and giving me and others like me, the courage to stand up and fight for what we believe.   Six months ago, I couldn't spell political activist.  Today, I are one.  Wake up America!