Sunday, January 17, 2010

"We're Gonna Be in the Hudson"

I watched this several times, and it still amazes me.  In general, I have a fairly cynical view of the world.  I never assume that anything works the way our narrative tells us it should.  I'd be the last one to suggest that anyone is as competent at their jobs as we are led to believe.  What a refreshing revelation to see how these guys performed.  Not just Capt. Sullenberger who obviously deserves praise and admiration, but the First Officer and the Air Traffic Controllers too.  No hint of panic in their voices.  No hesitation in their actions.  Just cold, meticulous execution of a series of maneuvers aimed at saving the lives of those passengers.  It's obvious that all involved were serious, trained professionals who each viewed their jobs as a solemn responsibility, and measured up to expectations when it mattered most.  Don't you wish we had people in government with this kind of integrity and dedication of purpose?