Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thank You Jon Stewart: Public Servant

The headline on the Foxnews website declares, "Fake News Show is Covering Climate-Gate, But Not 'Real' News Shows?  No Joke."  The article goes on to describe how Jon Stewart of The Daily Show on Comedy Central is covering this remarkable revelation about tainted science providing what has been the basis for the theory of global warming.  The mainstream media (MSM), on the other hand; ABC, CBS, and NBC are ignoring the story.  I described the fundamentals of this scandal in an earlier blogpost.  Since that time, Phil Jones,  the director of the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University has stepped down , pending an investigation, due to his implication in this funny business.   The Daily Show narrative is a masterpiece.  Jon Stewart proves, once again, that humor, sarcasm, irony and wit are often the most effective way to tell an important story.  See for yourself in this short clip.
Dec 11 update: YouTube clip got deleted. Replaced by new source: Comedy Central. Best part begins at 2:20 min into clip

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It is a travesty that the mainstream media is ignoring this story. Their political bias is exposed for all to see when they attempt what amounts to a cover up of this huge revelation in the climate change debate. Foxnews, The Wall Street Journal, talk radio, and lots of web based outlets have covered the story. And now even Comedy Central has scooped the MSM. Hello major networks. Anybody home in the news divisions?

Fortunately for the cause of truth, President Obama will be attending the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this month. I can't believe he's still going. What's he likely to accomplish besides stepping in a big pile of doo doo?  Its widely acknowledged that they will not achieve any of the forum's goals. The conference will be a failure, thankfully, and Obama will get his share of the blame for another slapdown in Copenhagen. It sounds pretty much like a win-win to me. And in the process, the media will be forced to focus more attention on the new controversy surrounding the climate change hoax. The president is really giving us a gift here. How dumb can this guy be?